Saturday, April 19, 2008

Animal Rght in Pasadena

More struggling, better taste.

Recently, one of my friends in Taiwan, who usually is pretty stupid actually, informed me this terrible issue, and provided me some web links to discover the truth. The fact that even thought eating dogs and cats is illegal; the government still connives this action. More importantly, the new present of Korea will pass the law that legislating thought eating dogs and cats‘meats.

Dog, waiting their turn & knowing the cruel end they are about to meet.

This is a wake up call for all westerners who love dogs and cats and who keep them as valued members of their families. Did you know that in Korea there is an evil, cruel practice of killing dogs for food? Dog meat is touted as being a substance which can boost the sexual prowess of men. The fact that this theory is absolutely false makes no difference. A profitable commerce has been established. Big money is involved and has corrupted the Government.

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