Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My life in Art Center - week Five, Tuesday 9:30 The History of Avertising

Week 5, everything is going just fine so far. But trust me, that is because everything is still under covered by professors’ unpredictable smiles. 9:30 in the early Tuesday morning, after a 3-days life-saving holiday, a art history professor with his British accent is still, as usual, waiting for the tech guys coming to fix whatever makes the screen off; so he does not have to use his sick voice to speak through another 2 hours. On the other side, full of students waiting for  the films about the history of advertising, which is another relaxing way to gain more knowledge about this class. Just let you know, this class is holding in L.A. Time hall, in which the light on the top can be turn off slowly just like the moment before movie starts, and God knows how many fantastic  speakers were here to give great speech that can inspirit every creature on the earth. Just let you know.

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